HEDON Ltd is a wood processing company set up in 2015 as a result of the 22-year experience of the company Noviles Ltd in the field of logging and wood processing. The premises of the company occupy an area of 24,000 m2. We are based in a forest area in the Troyan Mountains yielding large amounts of beech wood, which allows us to buy forests for timber harvesting and to get raw materials for our business. Our experience, private transport and special logging harvesting machinery – Visen ropeways and specialised forestry tractors – guarantee long-term provision of raw materials.

Our production processes are focused on the manufacturing of high quality veneer, furniture details, top-quality steamed and dried beech planks, briquettes and pellets. We have a vast range of different types and sizes of products, including custom made products.  Our export services are oriented mostly to the markets in Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, and Japan.